Owlin in TWO finals of the 2014 Accenture Innovation Awards

'Media & Entertainment' and 'Financial Services'

Accenture just notified Owlin that it has been selected as one of the final 10 competitors in TWO categories - financial services and media. Double honours, in a field of 700 contestants.

The jury pre-selects ten contestants for each of the 10 categories. They will be invited to pitch the 7th of October. The finals will take place in the Amsterdam ArenA football stadium on November 14, before the jury and an audience of entrepreneurs and financiers.

The 2014 edition is the eight time Accenture has organized the Innovation Awards for the most innovative products and services, launched in the past three years. Over 700 applications were received this year.

"'This is great news. The only drawback is that it might be confusing for our clients. Did they buy a financial service, or a media service ...? Anyway, we're obviously thrilled. Last year we ended in the top-3, this year I hope we can do even better.' " Sjoerd Leemhuis
About Owlin

About the Company:

Amsterdam-based Owlin has been developing news search and analysis tools since its inception in 2012. Owlin's proprietary search and analysis software helps you gain control over the wealth of information on the internet. Owlin scans more than 2 million news sources around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 'turns the news into actionable intelligence'.