KPMG Technology Trends Index powered by Owlin know-how

New application for Owlin algorithms


KPMG and Owlin today introduced the jointly developed KPMG Technology Trends Index. This index is not a snapshot but provides a continuous, real-time view of technology trends in eight large industry sectors.

The index is made possible by Owlin’s proprietary algorithm that weighs articles for timeliness, importance and relevance.

The KPMG Technology Trends Index is the first index in the world to provide a dynamic, live view of technology trends in eight large industry sectors. It shows the ebb and flow of around 25 selected trends over a period of 200 days, continuously updated.

It measures how much these technology trends are discussed within the sectors – and how much the sectors are discussed by the trend suppliers. About 500.000 online sources (like tweets, press releases, annual reports, magazines, blogs, forums, etc.) a day are filtered through an algorithm designed by Owlin which weighs articles for timeliness, importance weight and relevance.

Scroll down and you will see the eight industry sectors represented as circles. Click on a circle and the sector and its current trends will be displayed in detail. Scroll down even further to see a graph displaying which trends are trending (growing) or fading (decreasing).

The Index was launched in Het Financieele Dagblad on April 18 and is permanently available here.

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