Bob Koster joins Owlin as director of sales


UTRECHT – Owlin has appointed Bob Koster as sales director.

Koster (34) worked in various positions for Fortis and ABN AMRO in Amsterdam and London and has extensive experience in the commodities markets.

He will market Owlin’s unique search and alert services alongside Co-Founder Sjoerd Leemhuis.

“Last year, we strengthened the development team. We made great strides in improving our product, and we have found acceptance in the market. Strengthening the sales team is the logical next step. The product is ready, we are ready. Now we need to tell the world,” said Leemhuis.

“Due to my background in commodities and risk management in the financial world I recognised the added value of Owlin’s proposition,” said Koster. “ I look forward bringing this product to the financial market and taking Owlin to the next level.”

Owlin provides worldwide search and alert services, ‘turning news into actionable intelligence’ through proprietary analytical tools and bundling and prioritizing news reports from secondary and primary sources. Owlin’s products give customers a time advantage over most other news and search services.

Owlin finds its clients where information is critical to business success: banking, insurance, accountancy, research, debt and payment services. It has also received interest from news organizations.

About Owlin

About the Company:

Amsterdam-based Owlin has been developing news search and analysis tools since its inception in 2012. Owlin's proprietary search and analysis software helps you gain control over the wealth of information on the internet. Owlin scans more than 2 million news sources around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 'turns the news into actionable intelligence'.