Owlin demonstrates proof of concept

After first full year of operations

- Signs up international corporations as clients - Confident about pipeline 2014 - Hires key data scientist - Continuous improvement in products

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, Dec 30 – In its first full year of operations Dutch online company Owlin has built a solid customer base and signed up two major international corporations. Co-founder Sjoerd Leemhuis reports broad interest from prospective clients in a variety of industries. Based on current negotiations he feels confident that Owlin will sign up “between 3 and 6” additional clients in the first half of 2014.

“The most important development these past 12 months has been proof of concept,” said Leemhuis. “we have proved in the marketplace there is a demand for our product, and that we are able to meet expectations of demanding international corporations.”

Meanwhile, Owlin has been investing in strengthening its team and continuously improving its products.

Owlin offers an intelligent news monitoring service, combining unrivalled scope with speed optimized software to deliver the most valuable news developments straight to a client’s desktop.

Owlin’s search base supports more and more languages and keeps growing every month. Clients define their topics of interest and get the latest relevant articles pushed straight to their dashboard 24/7. Owlin adds intelligent ranking and clustering of news items. Spikes in volume are then displayed visually, giving users at-a-glance insight in the importance of news trends and ‘buzz.’

Owlin focuses on delivering its service to the Financial Sector where speed and scope matter. Clients are able to monitor risk and compliance related news, do in-depth research on the fly and receive automatic actionable intelligence.

In May, Owlin signed a contract with ING Bank for a trading application and to provide news for the French, German and Polish web sites of its ‘Sprinters’ investment products.

In July, the international payments service provider GlobalCollect signed a five-year contract to use Owlin as its primary external credit risk management tool.

In January 2013, Owlin attracted Willem Westra PhD to fill the role of data scientist. The development team was also expanded in the course of the year.

Owlin is in talks with a number of venture capitalists about a second round of funding for 2014, and expects to select a financier in the first quarter of 2014.

Additional funding is necessary to increase the speed of product development for various market segments.

"Owlin will sign 'between 3 and 6' new clients in the first half of 2014" Sjoerd Leemhuis, co-founder
About Owlin

About the Company:

Amsterdam-based Owlin has been developing news search and analysis tools since its inception in 2012. Owlin's proprietary search and analysis software helps you gain control over the wealth of information on the internet. Owlin scans more than 2 million news sources around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 'turns the news into actionable intelligence'.