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About the Company:

Founded in 2012 and based in Amsterdam, Owlin extracts actionable intelligence from social media and newswires around the web. In 2012 Owlin was selected out of 354 startups globally to be part of Rockstart's Accelerator program.

About the Team:

Richard Kraaijenhagen - Co-founder & Data Miner

Richard started his career at TwitterCounter and worked on the social statistics of Obama and Lady Gaga. In his own time he developed technology that scans written content from any website in 2 seconds and structures them in a way that deep analysis can be done. Realizing that he just built a very powerful tool, he decided that this had to be the beginning of his own company.

Bas van Ooyen - Co-founder & Artificial Intelligence

In his spare time, Bas contributes to many open source projects. He contributed code to FreeBSD and worked on code now used by NASA. Just before he started working full-time on Owlin, he made his living with another company and built high performance data clusters. He believes that nobody should control your news demand.

Sjoerd Leemhuis - Co-founder & Business Development

As a former ORMIT management trainee, Sjoerd worked in the finance sector as an advisor and project leader for several years. He was on the finance team of the biggest merger in the Netherlands in history (ABN Amro and Fortis). He leaves a promising and comfortable career behind for an entrepreneurial adventure. He thinks that (secretly) everyone wants to have his own business. He believes that it's up to the fast growing startups to get the world out of crisis.

About NoRo Venture Capital

Both partners of NoRo Venture Capital bring in more than 50 years of experience in the financial sector. They stimulate innovation by investing in a broad portfolio of high-tech startups with their fund. They both worked as traders for a while and therefore know how important it is to receive low latent, accurate and reliable news. They would use the Owlin news dashboard without doubt if they would still be trading.